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Where Does ClassHero Fit into Your Classroom?

By October 7, 2021October 13th, 2021No Comments

The 2020-21 school year had math teachers across the country scrambling to find effective ways to teach virtually, and forcing near 100% adoption of digital math tools in the classroom.

The shift to online learning seemed to signal the death of the static packet (whether paper or PDF), however that largely hasn’t been the case. The packet lives on and digital math tools have become one more thing, acting as a supplement and in some cases a distraction.

This is understandable: most digital math apps aren’t aligned enough with your curriculum to replace them. They usually function only as games, busy work, or intervention supplements. But great math education software should be better than paper.

So what makes ClassHero different from other apps?

For one thing, ClassHero was designed after interviewing teachers and their schools to identify their needs. It was created to enhance your core curriculum. ClassHero can replace both paper worksheets and other math apps, by providing skills practice sessions with new, unique supports for both you and your students.

Math teachers have a lot to juggle already. ClassHero wasn’t designed to be one more thing to add to the pile – instead, it was made to either replace paper and other math apps, or to supplement them, depending on your personal preference.

How ClassHero Replaces Paper Packets and Other Math Apps

Worksheets have been around forever. However, they have certain limitations that ClassHero overcomes. The biggest one is the time and effort it takes to personalize worksheets for each student. Students in any given classroom will be at varying levels of understanding in the curriculum being taught. How do you give those students practice material that actually meets them where they’re at?

ClassHero helps teachers differentiate what’s being taught in class in just 1 click, automatically assessing students for skill proficiency in real-time and assigning the necessary dependent or advanced skill.

ClassHero lets teachers differentiate what’s being taught in class in just 1 click, automatically assessing students for skill proficiency in real-time and assigning the necessary dependent or advanced skill. Additionally, students can be assigned personalized topics for easy intervention. ClassHero can be a replacement in your classroom not only for worksheets and paper packets, but also for other math apps. Most math apps take a curriculum and plod forward with it, attempting to drag students through the lessons even if the student is struggling. ClassHero automatically takes note of where students are having a hard time in the curriculum.

Instead of forcing the student to charge forward regardless of whether they’ve learned the material, the app breaks down the curriculum into specific skills that the student needs to master what’s being taught.

How ClassHero Can Be Used Alongside Paper and Other Math Apps

Granted, you may not be ready to entirely phase out paper packets or your other math apps. ClassHero can be useful alongside these supports as well. For example, it has supports for children who speak languages other than English. Bilingual classrooms can seamlessly switch between English and their class’s immersion language with one click!

Because ClassHero’s modules are aligned with most major math curricula – including Eureka Math and GoMath! – the app can easily be used right alongside your other teaching materials. All you have to do is find the module or lesson your class is working on in the app and assign it to your students!

ClassHero also automatically compiles students’ practice session data for easy reporting, such as for report cards. It removes the need for you to grade every student’s assignments one by one.

These are just a couple of the ways that ClassHero can fit into your math classroom. We believe ClassHero can be a huge asset to teachers as they help students learn math during this challenging school year.