One math system,
three powerful tools

ClassHero isn’t another math app, it’s a fun and challenging math system designed for daily classroom use. Keep kids engaged, boost performance and make teaching more effective!

Student App

No more mind-numbing math drills. Fun activities and a unique rewards system keep kids coming back for more.

Teacher Dashboard

Easily direct and tweak assignments based on individual performance. Get valuable, real-time insights.

School Insights

Make the numbers work for you. Get valuable insights on a student, classroom, school, and district level.

Assessment Integration

Automagically transform assessment results into differentiated daily practice

ClassHero is the first and only product to utilize assessment scores to inform daily practice in the classroom. Leveraging results down to the student level ClassHero not only automatically adjusts individual practice in our Student App, we also "visualize" results for the teacher in our easy to use Teacher Dashboard.

Student App

The Perfect Formula for Productive Learning

10m + Challenge + Fun

There’s a sweet spot between discouragement and boredom. A place where everything clicks, the light flickers on, and learning happens. Research shows students are more likely to reach this place when their interest is sparked. An engaged student is a driven student.

Fun Activities

Over 150,000 Standards-aligned questions

Real Rewards

500+ printed collectible cards featuring real-life math heroes


Drive engagement in reluctant learners and overachievers.


Designed to compliment and strengthen your daily classroom curriculum

One-Click Assignments

With the click of the mouse assign lessons to your entire class in order to align practice with daily curriculum, or make adjustments for individual students

Automatic Differentiation

A robust personalization engine keeps kids engaged, challenging them just the right amount and rewarding their achievement

Teacher Dashboard

Like Teaching with Superpowers*

*cape not included

The real heroes are already in the classroom. They’re teachers like you, using limited time and resources to teach a roomful of kids with varying needs. ClassHero was designed with you in mind. Every hero needs a sidekick.

ClassHero Teaches with you,

not for you

ClassHero doesn’t replace your teaching or your curriculum. It enhances them. From the easy-to-use dashboard to assessment recommendations, we give you the tools to hone and deliver your lesson plan in the most effective way possible.

Assign activities aligned with your everyday curriculum, with a teacher dashboard

See recommendations based on each child’s ongoing performance as well as Interim Assessments.

Get simple, actionable insights on each child’s strengths, needs and efforts.

Personalize each child’s assignments or choose other interventions with a click.
School Insights

Instant performance insights on every student, class and school.

With clear, up-to-date information at your fingertips, you’ll be in the best position to make informed decisions. Better yet, easily track outcomes and get performance-based recommendations. The result is higher performing schools and success you can measure.

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