“ClassHero created a platform where kids are actually starting to understand the concepts, developing the mathematical focus to be able to complete longer assessments that are more rigorous and robust”

– Rusty Clark, Superintendent, Pleasant Ridge Union

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“I really love it. I wish it covered more than math content.” 🙂

Amy U.
Second Grade Teacher

“I started using educational applications this year. As a beginner distance learning teacher, I have a great time using the app.”

Gloria D.Second Grade Teacher

“My students really love playing class hero. I like how the questions that are asked link so well to what we are learning in class.”

Amy U.Elementary Teacher

“My students have grown significantly thanks to this program. It is one of their free choice items. More often than not they choose Class Hero.”

Chrystal S.Elementary Teacher

Case Study

Improving Math Achievement for Historically Underserved Students

“The summary of results is extremely encouraging and provides evidence that confirms the research that when EdTech tools that are designed smartly and with the user experience in mind can accelerate student learning with historically underserved students.”

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Case Study

Using Assessment Data to Make Personalized Learning a Practical Reality

“In an independent study conducted by the SW WA STEM Network at21 Elementary schools in SW Washington, “at a 90% confidence level, students who participated in the pilot had greater academic gains in math than students who did not”

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“I used it for extra math instruction or during times when I needed to meet with students in small groups or one on one. We liked how individualized it was and how they could earn a puzzle piece each time they completed something! It gave my students more motivation to stay focused.”

Katherine B.Kindergarten Teacher

“ClassHero was useful for intervention-focused and differentiation. My students like the challenge and rewards provided.”

Natalie B.Elementary Teacher

“I got to use ClassHero for supplementary and intervention-focused work.”

Samantha M.Elementary Teacher

“ClassHero was useful for supplementing my instruction and differentiation. My students enjoy it and I like how it reports to me when students are struggling with something. I use this as one of my rotation groups in my honors math class. My students like the graphics and the lesson. They especially like the relatively short amount of time it takes to start earning rewards”

Michelle S.Middle School Teacher

“My students gravitated to this immediately and have loved it ever since!”

Hannah M.Fourth Grade Teacher

“ClassHero was useful for station rotations. My students really enjoy practicing their math on this app.”

Kendra F.Fourth Grade Teacher

“My students love Class Hero! All the skills they need are there. A great resource.”

Dale C.First Grade Teacher

We’ve partnered with one of the top assessment products in education to create a deep integration that transforms assessment results into daily practice

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Getting your class started can be a hassle to set up, that’s why we integrated with Clever for super simple on-boarding

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