Make Math VisibleWorks with all major curriculums

See where students are at in real-time, all of the time

Unlike paper-based skills practice or disconnected supplemental apps, ClassHero gives teachers a real-time view of exactly where every student is at. A teacher friendly dashboard lets teachers zoom out to see the entire class progress or zoom in and investigate what individual students are struggling with.

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Monitor progress without a manual

Too many math solutions require extensive training and time in order to take advantage of progress monitoring and reports. ClassHero makes progress monitoring and reporting part of the user experience, giving educators effortless visibility into where students are at an any given time.

Alerts when intervention is needed

Students don’t always raise their hand when they need help. Answering randomly, low accuracy or incomplete practice sessions may all indicate a student is struggling and may need intervention. ClassHero acts like a sidekick in the classroom, sending automatic notifications when it’s time for a teacher to step in.

School & District Reporting

ClassHero’s instructional usage report summarizes both teacher and student activity in one simple yet powerful report

Class usage broken down by teacher creates transparency and insight into which classes need support implementing ClassHero
Daily usage reports provide near real-time access to granular data on a macro scale
Sort usage by grade level and identify areas of your school that can increase growth

Skill Level Reporting

Skill level analysis and progress monitoring including: Accuracy, Fluency, Duration, Frequency and Proficiency Rates

ClassHero uses your district’s assessment data to automatically differentiate learning, placing students at the approriate skill level
Individual metrics report accuracy, time and overall student fluency
Scaffolded curriculum connects the dots for teachers, indicating whether a student is working above or below the assigned skill

Individual Student Reports

Skill and item analysis – by standard or chronologically

View all current and past assignments, progress and growth in one easy to read list
Detailed practice session reviews by date and skill type
Review individual questions and investigate why students are struggling

Class Practice Reporting

Summary and analysis of daily practice activity (i.e. Exit Ticket)

Get differentiated daily practice reports, quickly identifying student growth and which students are struggling
Get notified when automatic reassignments and Khan Academy instruction occurs
Review previous practice days and visually track class usage
Find out when students earn new HeroBadges

Adjustment Cards

Cards for teachers that highlight recommended adjustments to improve student outcomes

Adjustment cards appear only when needed, based on teacher and student behavior
Simple recommendations that improve fidelity and keep teachers using ClassHero effectively
Alerts to student behaviors that require teacher intervention

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