Make Math IntegratedWorks with all major curriculums

Go way beyond supplemental math apps

Connect the dots by leveraging your district’s existing EdTech infrastructure. ClassHero for Math is the only math system that integrates deeply with your SIS, Assessment & ELL Data and Core Curriculum to improve student outcomes.

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Extend & enhance your existing curriculum

Digital math tools have existed in the “one more thing” space for educators for far too long, either as disconnected practice apps or math games. ClassHero uses your core curriculum to generate personalized skills-practice, and bolsters it with a suite of supports for teachers and students.

Use assessment data to differentiate

Too often “personalized” assessment reports offer a list of next steps for practice and instruction based on how students perform in entire math domains. ClassHero automatically uses assessment data as a starting point and then adaptively identifies gaps in understanding of specific skills.


Our deep Clever integrations makes onboarding a breeze. Teachers, students and class all stay automatically synced to your district's SIS.

Google Classroom

Import classes and create assignments based on what you're teaching directly from ClassHero with the Google Classroom integration.


Single sign-on and automatically imported class rosters let's teachers using ClassLink's integration get their class up and running in minutes

Use Your Classroom Curriculum to Power Personalized Practice

ClassHero’s powerful curriculum integrations allow to teachers to assign practice based on the curriculum they’re actually teaching in class.

Integrate with your current curriculum

Align practice with what's being taught

Transform static curriculum into dynamic and differentiated practice

Envision Math

Eureka Math

Eureka Math TEKS


GoMath! TEKS

Stepping Stones

Add your curriculum

““Teachers fight looking at data like the plague, but with ClassHero in their classroom, they can’t wait to see how kids are doing. It’s changed their whole mindset.””

Rusty Clark, Superintendent

Transform Assessment Data into 1-Click Differentiation

ClassHero helps teachers automatically use assessment data to differentiate ALL Math learning in just 1-click, while staying aligned to daily curriculum.

Automatically import your student assessment data

Make data instantly usable by teachers in 1 click

Drive differentiation with data, personalize in real-time

iReady Assessment

Automatically use your district's assessment data to drive 1-click differentiation and personalized learning with the iReady integration

MAP Assessment

We import your MAP data and transform it into differentiated math practice. No reports or PDFs, with the click of a button teacher's put data into daily practice.

Reinforce learning with embedded Khan Academy videos that automatically play before students start new skills, or when a student is struggling.

For Spanish speaking students ClassHero offers full language support for audio, text and video. Based on a student’s English/Spanish proficiency teachers can create a bespoke experience using any combination of the three language supports.

Aligned to your state’s standards,
just like your assessment data

ClassHero is compliant to state standards including:
Common Core, Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas.

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