Make Math DifferentiatedWorks with all major curriculums

Differentiate what you’re teaching in 1-click

One of the biggest challenges for a busy teacher is differentiating daily curriculum for each of her students. Complex data reports and cumbersome data implementation plans often result in teachers abandoning data and differentiation altogether. ClassHero uses assessment data combined with real-time skill assessment to differentiate every assignment in just 1-click.

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Replace paper packets

Paper-based worksheets and packets continue to exist as a staple in most classrooms, despite their lack of personalization and need for time consuming grading. Unlike most digital math tools, ClassHero generates skills practice specifically based on the curriculum being taught in class. Now teachers can generate differentiated practice packets for all students in a single click.

Save time & gain insights

Unlike paper skills practice, ClassHero’s differentiated skills practice eliminates the need for grading or manual differentiation. Our engaging student app personalizes learning for students and our powerful teacher dashboard makes learning visible with progress monitoring and daily notifications on both achievement and intervention needs.

ClassHero differentiates your guaranteed viable curriculum and adds intervention supports

  • Designed for both Tier 1 and Tier 2 instruction
  • With ClassHero, teachers focus on their everyday goal of assigning practice aligned with their everyday curriculum
  • For every such assignment, ClassHero takes advantage of both – interim assessment data and real time feedback from students – to determine remedial real time interventions and adaptive practice

ClassHero seamlessly combines practice and intervention, keeping teachers and students aligned towards a singular goal

Effective personalization means targeting specific skills based on gaps in a student’s understanding

Too often “personalized” assessment reports offer a list of next steps for practice and instruction based on how students perform in entire math domains. However these reports cannot identify the specific skill in which a student is struggling. Besides teachers must manually put these next steps into any real action plan.

ClassHero automatically uses assessment data as a starting point and then adaptively identifies gaps in understanding of specific skills. With this approach ClassHero is able to differentiate more quickly and accurately to meet individual needs.

Cultivate Focused Practice

Other math apps rely on adaptive, but undirected, practice. ClassHero uses differentiated, teacher-directed assignments for focused practice..

Level Up Performance

A 2017 independent study conducted by the SW WA STEM Network showed “at a 90% confidence level, students who participated in the pilot had greater academic gains in math than students who did not.”

Drive Reluctant Learners

Teachers using ClassHero reported increased confidence and reduced aversion to math subject-matter—both key to overcoming hurdles in learning.

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