ClassHero simplifies your textbook.

We don’t stray from your lesson plans or replace teachers (as if that were possible!).

We simplify by:

  1. Implementing real-time differentiation
  2. Translating your textbook into 30+ languages for accessible learning
  3. Giving teachers easy-to-read views of students’ progress
  4. Grading each assignment so teachers can get back to what they love: teaching!
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1. Start with your textbook

ClassHero matches exactly what you’re teaching. Say goodbye to worksheets and paper assignments!

Teacher reading textbook

2. One-click differentiation

ClassHero automatically assesses each student’s skill level to determine what they need that day.

3. Close the gap with personalized practice

Students receive 10 to 15-minute personalized sessions. The best part? Every session is available in 30+ languages!

Hello in different languages

4. Watch student progress: Live!

See exactly where students are in their assignments. Get notified if someone needs a little extra help.  

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