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Feature Spotlight: Personalized Topics!

By October 13, 2021No Comments

You already know that ClassHero is great at giving your students practice sessions based on your curriculum. However, every classroom has students who are either behind or ahead in the class. How can technology help you address these gaps and meet each student where they are?

Teachers have been asking us to be able to personalize topics for their students. We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched just that. Now you can use ClassHero for both your basic curriculum, and for interventions or small groups!

How it works

Before we get started with the nuts and bolts of how to create your first personalized assignment, here’s a quick rundown of the what this new feature can do:

    • Assign topics to small groups of students from any module or grade level
    • Create assignments for individual students
    • Personalize assignments for both struggling and advanced students


  1. Open the app.
  2. Click the purple “+” sign next to “Personalized Topics.”
  3. Choose the curriculum and grade your class is in.
  4. Select the Module you wish for the Personalized Topic to be on.
  5. Select the skills you want from “Practice Problem Set” and click “Assign to Group.”
  6. Under “Who should be assigned this Topic?” select which students you want to practice the Topic.
  7. Assign the Topic to those students until whichever date you choose.
  8. Hit “Confirm and Assign!”

When a student is ready to practice on the app, the class’s general curriculum will be at the top of the page. The personalized topic the student has been assigned to will show up below that as “My Mission.”

We hope this new feature makes it even easier for teachers to help their students learn math in the classroom! In the meantime, continue giving us feedback and letting us know what you need – we’re listening.