Feature Spotlight: Live Monitor

By October 28, 2021No Comments

When students are using their classroom devices it can be hard to discern who’s on task and who’s distracted. ClassHero’s live progress monitoring feature makes it easy to to quickly see who’s actively engaged in their skills-practice and who’s not.

How it works

At the top of your Weekly Activity feed the Today card is now equipped with Live Monitoring. ClassHero will show you any activity that’s taken place throughout the day as well as students who are currently engaged in practice, gone idle or completed their practice for the day.

You’ll also notice that there is a section called “Action Items,” right next to the Activity section. This will let you know if there’s anything you might need to act on. For example, if a student is giving random answers to questions – you’ll know! ClassHero will detect this common behavior and send you new Action Item notification.

Feedback or ideas on how we can make live progress monitoring better? Leave a comment below!