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ClassHero replaces static math worksheets & packets with math learning that’s accessible, differentiated and visible for teachers.

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“I didn’t think replacing packets was possible… until now! My students love how engaging it is and I love how it automatically differentiates.”
– Hannah R., Teachers 2nd Grade

How ClassHero for Math Works

Start with your existing core math curriculum

ClassHero generates skills-practice based on your current math curriculum, creating a dynamic replacement to paper worksheets and packets.

Assign automatically differentiated practice packets in 1 click

Assignments are created based on what’s being taught and differentiated with a single click, automatically assessing students for dependent and advanced skills.

Students receive accessible, personalized daily skills-practice & videos

The ClassHero student app delivers all assigned skills in a simple 10-15 minute practice session with built-in video instruction and supports in 30+ languages.

Make learning visible with real-time progress monitoring & daily summaries

Learning is made instantly visible for teachers, showing exactly where every student is at and notifying them when students need help or intervention.

“Engagement went through the roof! My favorite thing is the freedom to have kids working at different skill levels!”

Angie Heath2nd Grade Teacher
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Replace paper packets

Paper-based worksheets and packets continue to exist as a staple in most classrooms, despite their lack of personalization and need for time consuming grading. Unlike most digital math tools, ClassHero generates skills practice specifically based on the curriculum being taught in class. Now teachers can generate differentiated practice packets for all students in a single click.

Save time & gain insights

Unlike paper skills practice, ClassHero’s differentiated skills practice eliminates the need for grading or manual differentiation. Our engaging student app personalizes learning for students and our powerful teacher dashboard makes learning visible with progress monitoring and daily notifications on both achievement and intervention needs.

Monitor progress without a manual

Too many math solutions require extensive training and time in order to take advantage of progress monitoring and reports. ClassHero makes progress monitoring and reporting part of the user experience, giving educators effortless visibility into where students are at an any given time.

Alerts when intervention is needed

Students don’t always raise their hand when they need help. Answering randomly, low accuracy or incomplete practice sessions may all indicate a student is struggling and may need intervention. ClassHero acts like a sidekick in the classroom, sending automatic notifications when it’s time for a teacher to step in.

Increase equity in the classroom

Building equity in the classroom is a multi-faceted and ongoing effort for educators. ClassHero was designed to help educators increase equity by providing them with the tools they need for teachers and students. Differentiated learning, progress monitoring, video instruction, audio narration and language supports instantly enhance any math curriculum when paired with ClassHero for Math.

Add ELL & immersion supports

Nearly 10% of the US student population are ELL students, with over near 80% of those native Spanish speakers. ClassHero offers full Spanish supports combining audio narration, text translation and Khan Academy videos. Additionally teachers can customize audio narration for all practice for individual ELL students and immersion classes.

Extend & enhance your existing curriculum

Digital math tools have existed in the “one more thing” space for educators for far too long, either as disconnected practice apps or math games. ClassHero uses your core curriculum to generate personalized skills-practice, and bolsters it with a suite of supports for teachers and students.

Use assessment data to differentiate

Too often “personalized” assessment reports offer a list of next steps for practice and instruction based on how students perform in entire math domains. ClassHero automatically uses assessment data as a starting point and then adaptively identifies gaps in understanding of specific skill

ClassHero for Math

Clever Library Ratings – Engaging: 4.6 of 5    |   Educational: 4.8 of 5    |   Easy to Use: 4.2 of 5

“I started using educational applications this year. As a beginner distance learning teacher, I have a great time using the app.”

Gloria D.Second Grade Teacher

“My students really love playing class hero. I like how the questions that are asked link so well to what we are learning in class.”

Amy U.Elementary Teacher

“My students have grown significantly thanks to this program. It is one of their free choice items. More often than not they choose Class Hero.”

Chrystal S.Elementary Teacher
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