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The PreK-8 math solution that transforms data into daily progress and integrates with your existing curriculum in over 30 languages

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“ClassHero was useful for intervention-focused and differentiation. My students like the challenge and rewards provided.”
– Natalie B., Elementary Teacher

The math system that connects the dots for principals, teachers and students

Switch between traditional and distance learning

Designed specifically for the new world of blended learning, ClassHero isn’t just another online tool. Video message instruction and real-time monitoring, lets you seamlessly switch between in-class and at-home learning.

Transform assessment & ELL data into daily growth

ClassHero is the only math solution to automatically use your assessment data to differentiate all learning in just 1 click. Integrate both math and ELL data for truly differentiated practice.

Differentiate all learning with a single click

Complex data reports and cumbersome data implementation plans often result in teachers abandoning data altogether. ClassHero uses your data to not only visualize placement for teachers but differentiate every assignment with 1 click.

Provide math for ELL & Immersion in 30+ languages

Nearly 10% of the US student population are ELL students, with over near 80% of those native Spanish speakers. ClassHero combines audio narration, text translation and Khan Academy videos to make math speak over 30 languages for ELL students as well as immersion classes.

Beautiful reports that give you the big (and the small) picture

Over 90% of Edtech products never get used with fidelity. ClassHero provides comprehensive yet beautiful, easy to use reports at every level from a district level down to an individual student. Unlike other solutions we give you the tools to create transparency and accountability to improve outcomes and realize growth.

ClassHero for Math

Clever Library Ratings – Engaging: 4.6 of 5    |   Educational: 4.8 of 5    |   Easy to Use: 4.2 of 5

“I started using educational applications this year. As a beginner distance learning teacher, I have a great time using the app.”

Gloria D.Second Grade Teacher

“My students really love playing class hero. I like how the questions that are asked link so well to what we are learning in class.”

Amy U.Elementary Teacher

“My students have grown significantly thanks to this program. It is one of their free choice items. More often than not they choose Class Hero.”

Chrystal S.Elementary Teacher

Pre-K to 8

Preschool through 8th grade curriculum


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All States

Compliant with standards in all 50 states

Engaging math curriculum for elementary and middle school

500k+ Unique Questions - Access to entire pre-k through grade 8 curriculum

Aligned to Your State - Compliant and mapped ( to Common Core and all 50 state's standards.

Personalized & Adaptive - Curriculum that truly leverages technology to create a personalized and differentiated experience with every question

Teacher Guided - Designed to be used in alignment with daily instruction, keeping teacher informed and in control at every turn
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