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ClassHero 2021: New Home, Activity Feed, Class Points & Challenges

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For many educators, parents and students this has been the most challenging year of their life. In the blink of an eye the pandemic changed everything and we’ve all had to adapt at an alarming rate. At ClassHero, we saw a surge of teachers sign up, looking for the right tools as they shifted their students from in-person to remote and hybrid learning. Based on their feedback, we’ve redesigned the teacher experience to make ClassHero more engaging and powerful than ever before.

Read on to discover the new features of Class Hero 2021.

A New Home Experience

When you first log into ClassHero you’ll automatically land on the new Teacher Home Screen. The Teacher Home Screen lets you do everything from one place, giving you a birds-eye view of what’s happening in your class on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It also introduces a brand new feature, called Class Points and your school’s HeroBoard.

The new home screen is made up of 3 areas:

  1. The Weekly Activity view
  2. The Monthly Activity view and HeroBoard
  3. The Manage Assignments column

Notice that your class roster remains on the left-hand side, giving you instant access to all of your students in a single click. Let’s start by first exploring the Weekly Activity area.

Weekly Activity

Activity Feed

Your Activity Feed shows you exactly what’s going on with your students this week, even if that’s nothing at all! In this example you can see at a glance the number of students that did not practice or use ClassHero, as well as those that started but didn’t complete their 10 minute practice session. Each student that completes their practice will appear in your feed along with the time practiced and average accuracy rate. Points or HeroBadges earned that day also show up in your feed.

To dive deeper into each day’s activity, click on the “View Summary” link to the right of the date to launch a Practice Summary report. The daily Practice Summary provides you with a detailed and easy to read report of the practice for the day, categorizing students into Completed, Incomplete or Did Not Practice. Students who were automatically shown a Khan Academy instructional video, Reassigned or Unassigned practice skills due to either difficulty or completion will also appear in the report.

Action Items

Next to the Activity Feed are your Action Items. Action Items appear when students need your attention or intervention. Think of them like the “Bat Signal”, when a student needs help, ClassHero will display an Action Item to bring them to your attention!

You’ll see an Action Item if:

  • Teacher Intervention is needed. When your students are answering randomly, struggling with an assignment or have been unassigned a skill, ClassHero will alert you and ask you to review the situation.
  • An action item will also appear when a student has reached Proficiency or Fluency on a given skill.
  • Lastly, an Action Item may appear to help you keep practice aligned with instruction, notifying you of outdated assignments that students are seeing or if they have too many skills assigned.

Monthly Activity

Class Stats

Your Class Stats give you a quick view at how your class is doing with their ClassHero practice, showing you the average practice sessions per week, what percentage of students are meeting their practice goals, and how many students have achieved proficiency on skills they’ve practiced this month.

Class Points

ClassPoints are a brand new feature we’re introducing with the release of ClassHero 2021. Both teachers and students earn points for their class by engaging with ClassHero. Teacher actions such as managing assignments or participating in Class Challenges, and student actions such as completing practice or reaching fluency in a skill, all contribute to your Class Points total.

For now, Class Points can be used by teachers for encouraging student practice. Set a goal and reward your class for achieving it. We have big plans for Class Points later this year, so stay tuned!


Below your Class Stats you’ll find your school’s HeroBoard. The HeroBoard is a leaderboard just for your school, so some of those names should look familiar! Teacher’s using ClassHero will be listed on the HeroBoard, ranked by how many Class Points they’ve accumulated this month. The class in first place at the end of the month will win bonus Class Points and bragging rights as this month’s Hero.

Class Challenges

In addition to the HeroBoard we’re introducing Class Challenges! Class Challenges let your class go head-to-head with any other class at your school. To start a challenge, simply click on a teacher and click the “Challenge This Class” button. If accepted, both classes will receive bonus points for participation, with the winning class receiving a wining pot of points.

For a detailed view of your Class Points and Challenge activity, or to learn more about how to earn ClassPoints click on your point total in the navigation bar.

Manage Assignments

Lastly, we’ve introduced a new, streamlined way to manage your assignments. Assignments made to the entire class are listed as Class Assignments, while assignments made either by you, or automatically assigned by ClassHero, appear as Personalized Assignments.

Class Assignments that have been assigned for more than 2 weeks will be automatically moved to Old Assignments.

That’s a Wrap!

That wraps up our ClassHero 2021 walk through. We’re so excited for you to start using the new and improved ClassHero. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on your experience, and as always please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. The fastest way to get support is by using the chat button at the bottom right of your ClassHero dashboard or by sending us an email at

– Josh Iwata, COO