Why ClassHero?

Hybrid Learning

Seamlessly switch between classroom & distance learning. Combine math and language proficiency data to personalize learning for every student at school AND at home.

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Future Ready

Built in features like teacher video messages, real-time monitoring and email notifications make distance learning simple and easy

Data Driven

Take advantage of both your district’s math and ELL proficiency data to automatically assign practice in a student’s native language.

ELL + Immersion

Use ClassHero in from school or home in over 30 languages including Spanish, French, Russian and Vietnamese.

Distance learning when you need it

1. Instruct with Video Messages

Each day teachers can record a short video for their students such as a greeting or mini-lesson

2. Assign with 1-Click Differentiation

 Assign a ClassHero skill for the day: targeted instruction + differentiated practice in 1-click

3. Practice Personalized Math from Home

Student’s complete their 15-30 minutes of personalized practice from home

4. Monitor Student Progress in Real-time

Review and monitor student performance based on daily math practice results

Connect to students, assign practice and review work from anywhere

ClassHero doesn’t replace your teaching or your curriculum. It enhances them. From the easy-to-use dashboard to assessment recommendations, we give you the tools to hone and deliver your lesson plan in the most effective way possible.

Give students 10 minutes of personalized, daily math practice

Review daily practice summaries of each student's performance

Assign differentiated practice to your entire class in just 1 click

Monitor student progress and behaviors remotely and in real-time

Bridge the learning gap created by the COVID-19 pandemic
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