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Assessment Integration

Your district invested in cutting-edge classroom devices and the best assessment software. ClassHero for math uses both to (finally!) help teachers instantly transform assessment results into personalized daily math practice.

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The Problem

Assessment data doesn’t improve achievement if it’s not being used

Modern assessment software is producing deeply personalized data on every student. The problem now is that without the right tools teachers cannot practically or easily incorporate this data into their daily learning cycle. Without the right tools data is often discarded or used in its most meager form. This means that even with the best assessment software the promise of personalized learning/instruction remains a promise .

The Solution

ClassHero integrates assessment data to help teachers easily personalize everyday learning tasks

Import assessment data to instantly inform a teacher’s daily math instruction

Automatically apply assessment scores to personalize practice in the ClassHero Student App with one click

Empower teachers with the tools they need to integrate data and effect achievement and daily learning targets
Beyond Actionable to Everday Action

Not another "actionable insights" report. Now every assignment can be informed by recent assessment data.

ClassHero is the first and only math software to utilize assessment scores to inform daily practice in the classroom. Leveraging results down to the student level, ClassHero not only automatically adjusts individual practice in our Student App, we also "visualize" results for the teacher in our easy to use Teacher Dashboard.

Bridge the gap between assessment data and daily practice


Motivate students at all levels of skill and aptitude


A teacher-directed platform that makes everyday personalized learning practical and simple


Leverage Assessments and collaborate with teachers to make Differentiated Learning a practical reality

Aligned to your state’s standards,
just like your assessment data

ClassHero is compliant to state standards including:
Common Core, Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas.

Engaging math curriculum for elementary and middle school

500k+ Unique Questions - Access to entire pre-k through grade 8 curriculum

Aligned to Your State - Compliant and mapped (AchiveTheCore.org) to Common Core and all 50 state's standards.

Personalized & Adaptive - Curriculum that truly leverages technology to create a personalized and differentiated experience with every question

Teacher Guided - Designed to be used in alignment with daily instruction, keeping teacher informed and in control at every turn
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