Engaging math for students, X-ray vision for teachers

ClassHero is tech in the classroom done right. Adaptive assignments driven by real world rewards.

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“Engagement went through the roof! My favorite thing is the freedom to have kids working at different skill levels!”

– Angie Heath, 2nd grade teacher
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“I can switch it to what I want the kids to work on and I can personalize it for quick learners and for slow learners.”

– Monica Rock, 3rd Grade Teacher

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    Individually Paced

    Challenge kids that are advancing quickly while providing support to those in need of extra help

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    Rewards Driven

    Increase productive practice time by 20%-50% with ClassHero Reward Cards!

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    Teacher Adjusted

    Personalize every student's daily assignments based on your daily classroom plans

Designed for the classroom

A Teacher Dashboard that gives you simple, real-time insights of the entire class and individual student progress

Aligned to daily curriculum

Seamlessly match your daily lesson planning with what students are doing on their devices. Finally, all learning activities can reinforce classroom instruction.

Teacher & students in sync

A dashboard view of student progress

Monitor performance, engagement and even identify kids that are distracted. Visually track student progress for each math skills and know when fluency is achieved

Easy and automatic personalization

Keep every student engaged with skills that auto-assign based on individual performance and skill level. ClassHero identifies skills where fluency is needed, and even helps you differentiate between kids that are struggling, confused, or simply distracted!


ClassHero impacts performance

In an independent study by the SW Washington STEM network, “at a 90% confidence level, students who participated in the pilot had greater academic gains than students who did not”. The study used a performance test strongly correlated with SBAC test scores.

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